Planting Trees Arroung the Springs - 7th Edition, Varzarești Nisporeni

Planting Trees Arroung the Springs - 7th Edition, Varzarești Nisporeni

Dear Friends and Supporters,


Spring suddenly comes into its own, and with it, we are in a hurry to succeed with the plantings. Those who follow us already know that we have a long-term project in Vărzărești (Nisporeni district, Lăpușnița river basin). Now we plant on the territory of the former orchard, with a rather complicated relief and soils. Our goal is to convert the former orchard - into a honey forest plantation.


We invite you to join the pre-planting and planting activities on Thursday 09 March 8:00 - 15:00 and Saturday 11 March 10:00 - 17:00

We will plant saplings of Sofora Japonica, Ash, Linden, Evodia, Willow, Oak and Walnut


Location: Vărzărești commune, Nisporeni district, in the valley from the Heroes' Cemetery


Coordinates: 47.104962, 28.217611


We provide volunteers with inventory, gloves, pies. We urge you to equip yourself properly for field works, take with you a thermos of tea, good will, the desire to communicate with Nature and other colleagues who are passionate about the same visions.


Those who want to come from Chisinau with us, you can contact us in advance at 079733733. We will do our best to provide all those who wish with transport from Chisinau. Since it's a holiday, we encourage you to come along with the kids. The forecast promises us beautiful weather!


In the past years, when the in the Spring tractor dug the holes, it could be seen with the naked eye that, under a layer of 20-30 cm of wet soil on the surface, deeper, the soil was absolutely dry. To improve the given specificity, we undertake 2 things:

- The pits were made in the Fall and have accumulated enough moisture (you can see in the pictures - sometimes it is too much)

- We will chop branches from the surrounding orchards and we will place the chops at the bottom of the pits to accumulate moisture and serve as fertilizer for our seedlings



The plantings are carried out with the support of the GEF Small Grants Programme, managed by UNDP-Moldova and with the financial contribution of the newlyweds Jamie Ingram and Larisa Midoni, who donated the money collected at the wedding to plant trees.


Дорогие Друзья и Единомышленники, Весна решительно вступает в свои права, а вместе с ней и мы спешим успеть выполнить...

Posted by Alexandru Vasile Sainsus on Sunday, March 5, 2023