Regional Presentation ARBORETUM.LIVE (UNGHENI)

Regional Presentation ARBORETUM.LIVE (UNGHENI)

At the invitation of the Ungheni District Council, we planned a trip for a public presentation at the first annual administrative meeting. We will talk about what climate change means in the context of the Republic of Moldova, what risks and opportunities open up to our region and what we can do here and now.

We will briefly talk about:
Forests, Sustainability, Water Retention & Protection, Environment, New Green Workplaces,
The concept of High Added Value Forest Plantations with : Edible Forest, Honey Forest, Truffle Forests...
Capitalizing on degraded and eroded lands
Restoration and regeneration of ecosystems
Employment of Local Communities
Opportunities for attracting international funds

All the guests are invited: Representatives of regional NGOs, Ecological activists, Farmers, Landowners, Civil servants, Cadastral engineers, Active citizens ...

The Event will be hold in Romanian Language

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