Synthesis of Accumulated Ideas and Proposals

Synthesis of Accumulated Ideas and Proposals

Recently, our organization has made public the Call for Ideas and Proposals on Afforestation of Moldova formulated by the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova. The world (at least those around us) is very interested in this initiative. In a fairly short time, dozens of e-mails and direct messages came to us with ideas, opinions, emotions... Thank you all, who found time to participate in this survey! I collected, filtered and structured all the proposals. Being faithful to transparency and collective thinking, we publish here the summary, so that all those involved can find their ideas and can continue to contribute others.

We remind you that you can write to us at [email protected] or directly in Messenger Feel free to send this page to colleagues, experts and tutors – all those who has Souls and Hearts with the Forests! The following is the full text forwarded to the Presidency.

“We are very glad that the President is the first among all the Presidents of the Republic of Moldova, who was directly concerned with the situation of forests and came up with the initiative to create the highest level Working Group and shows interest in getting personally involved in finding solutions for this fundamental problem of our country!

We conducted a survey in the community of ARBORETUM supporters. So the ideas below are mostly the result of collective thinking, but those that have been previously conceptualized by our team – are marked with corresponding links. We will not burden this text with already known figures - they will be present in the expert reports. We focus on the necessary actions and synergistic relationships between sub-projects.

At the beginning, we must mention that the problem of deforestation of the country is as serious as less aware of it the vast majority of the population is... So, in addition to the plantations themselves, which actually account for about 10% of all the efforts necessary for the afforestation, it is critical to plan and start a campaign to raise awareness and educate all social strata in order to change the attitude towards forests, trees, vegetation ... We, ARBORETUM community, want this campaign, initiated and announced by Ms. President, to become a truly systemic and long-term path of social and ecological transformation!

It should also be noted at the beginning that today in the world there are multiple opportunities and resources for those countries that want a healthier and friendlier environment, regardless of the influence of climate change, (geo)political factors, migration or other temporary disturbances... But we have the most opportunities, inside the country and of each of us. And we could attract you more from the outside only when we honestly and diligently do your homework!

We structured all the ideas and proposals in 6 categories: Protection of Existing Forests, Legislative Initiatives, Local Dimension, Social Transformation, External Agenda, Funding. We tried to filter the emotional connotations and to briefly deliver the essence of each proposal, but if necessary we can carry out each thesis, including the involvement of experts and colleagues who contributed.

First of all - the Protection of Existing Forests. For a start, we need to make sure we truly protect what has left.

  1. Development and placement in common access of an open platform with real and historical geo-spatial data on the state of native forests
  • Global Forest Watch platform - could become the primary data provider
  • Thus we manage to control in real regime what is happening, to receive alerts and evidence of the events that happened in the forests, but also the real dynamics of the planted plantations
  1. Once this tool is put in place, it is necessary to set up a similar one, in real regime, dedicated to soils health - which are the greatest National Wealth!
  • Losses due to soil erosion are estimated at over 1 Billion Euro ANNUALLY!
  • Erosion happens largely due to deforestation and deficit of forest curtains, but also due to poor management, lack of technology, knowledge and skills...

III. Restoring the image and Reforming the operating principles of the National Forestry Authority - MoldSilva

- The transition of MoldSilva from self-financing (with their salaries and luxury cars from traded wood) to financing from the state budget:

  1. First of all, this measure is required for Protected Areas and Nature Reserves
  2. We must do so that the Foresters receive their salaries not from how much they cut, but from how much is planted and becomes a forest, from the propagated material grown and delivered...
  3. Prohibition of the sale of firewood on the street. Citizens should come to the forest districts and write down the wood they need
  4. Tightening fines for illegal logging and simplifying enforcement mechanisms
  5. Introduction of a 5-year (at least) moratorium for any deforestation other than sanitary
  6. Increase transparency and include public control of cutting

6.1. The announcements of the planned sanitary cuts will be published on the official website at least 3 months before their start

6.2. Admission of presence for public associations, media and environmental activists at the felling

  1. Oak and other long-lived native species should be present in the planting plans: Rock Oak, Maple, Beech, Linden, etc.
  2. In the context of climate change, it is necessary to revise the list of approved forest species with their extension to species from the southern areas of the Republic of Moldova, with increased resistance to drought, soil salinity and other harsh factors, e.g. Cerris, Tamarix, Southern conifers ...
  3. Including the Added Value Forest Plantations approach - so that newly planted forests deliver more economic benefits to local communities than wood stored in them.

Legislative initiatives and institutional decisions

  • Changes in the Forestry and Land Code

o Private forests

- It is necessary to completely revise the Forestry Code, with a clear separation of the state forest fund from the private forest fund. The administration of the state forest fund must be completely separate from the rules related to the private sector. The private forest fund must be managed in accordance with the civil code, and the forest code must be limited exclusively to mapping and records. Private forest exploitation and legal relations must take place in accordance with the civil code.

- To repeal the law that allows the long-term lease of the State Forest Fund and capital constructions inside forests

o Forests on agricultural land

- Mandatory norm for restoring forest strips

- At least 5% of consolidated agricultural land must become forests

- Forestry and afforestation must be fully allowed without restrictions on agricultural land of any kind. Restrictions must be limited exclusively to those specified by the civil code relating to the protection of the interests of neighbors. These are clearly defined by the civil code and do not require additional effort.

- Forests and forest strips on agricultural land must become an object of subsidy per ha maintained, ensuring the capture and protection of groundwater, reducing the risk of erosion and improving soil quality and biodiversity. The subsidy could be differentiated depending on the class of forest it maintains in the private sector.

  • Program to facilitate the involvement of local organizations in afforestation and forest protection projects:

o Local economic agents have resources IN REGIONS, and many of them and desire to get involved in reforestation projects

o Exemptions for NGOs dedicated to the subject of afforestation and local afforestation projects carried out by economic agents: from all taxes, excise duties on the import of equipment, machinery, petroleum products, profit tax, salaries ...

  • a free lease for NGOs and initiative groups of closed school lands and rooms, public lands for educational activities in the field of green economy, setting up nurseries, growing seedlings ... For example: / cee_concept
  • To cancel the land lease permit from the State Forest Fund. Exclude residential buildings from forests
  • To link the National Afforestation Strategy to that of the Protection of Aquatic Resources and Ecological Corridors. So that they are forested, primarily lands important for water and biodiversity

o 2021-2030 is declared by the UN - the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 


Local Dimension:

  • At least 5% (but desirable 10%) of the area of ​​each Local Mayoralty to be allocated for forest plantations (by decisions of local and district councils) - urging Local Public Authorities or a new legal norm. First we talk about:

o land around landfills,

o water protection areas

o Landslides and areas subject to erosion

o Land poisoned with spills of pesticides and petroleum products (already identified in the joint project with NATO)

o A good part of the pastures, because the actual number of animals in rural areas has decreased more than proportionally with the decrease of the population ...

  • Each commune should have:

o Silvo-pastoral planting, which provides all animals with pasture and fodder, but influences the local ecosystem as a forest

o Energy plantation, designed to provide all those in need with firewood, so as not to cut down forests

  • Elaboration of mechanisms for attracting in afforestation projects the local, private, diaspora resources
  • Maximum mobilization! Everyone planted it: the army, convicts, probationers, civil servants, high schools, gymnasiums, universities ...

Social Transformation
(Education of Society through Generations) Influence on the Cultural Code

  • Permanent communication and awareness campaign about ecological and climatic risks - FERM
  • During the year, Ms. President to visit other projects - not just plantations

o Monitoring work, care, planting material growth

o The attitude starts from CAP

  • National Network of Didactic Nurseries - especially within the existing schools, vocational schools and based on the recently optimized ones, in prisons, penitentiaries...
  • Regular outings of educational institutions to collect seeds and learn seed growing and planting practices, where each preschool and primary, secondary or higher institution has a greenhouse of native trees, so each student throughout the period studies will take care of at least 1 tree planted by him / her;
  • In every locality in the country the trees to get protection from the local authorities: so if herd animals damaged – the owner is obliged to plant 2 instead and take care of them for 2-3 years, if the person is not to be found – the local mayor has to complete the above.
  • When the marriages are registered by the competent authority, one of the obligations of the future bride and groom is to present certificates / proof of planting trees in the number of participants in the ceremony. Any other type of festivities should start with planting trees.
  • At any birth certificate parents are encouraged to plant trees;
  • At divorce - present proof of planting at least 10 trees for each family member;
  • Community service should include a wide range of tree planting and care;
  • Vegetable waste from locals to be composted and used for soil fertilization;
  • Each mayor to call and inform the locals about the need to preserve the vegetal layer for the trees, so the leaves will be preserved to increase the fertility of the soil around the trees;

International Agenda

  • The subject of reforestation should be on the agenda of all meetings with international partners
  • Open address to development partners to expand their country programs with the theme of afforestation and forest protection

o To finance operatively and directly the strategic elements of infrastructure

  • Credit line facilitates for organizations with ecological projects, the growth of propagating and reforestation material from the EU, USAID, World Bank, EBRD ...

o There ARE money in the world! Especially for afforestation ...

  • Ongoing study of the experience of other countries, especially those with similar problems and constraints - to ICAS and / or delegation to relevant NGOs with appropriate financial insurance
  • To attract and include the results of technical-scientific progress, for example
  • or
  • or

o We have intellectual potential - the National Robotics Team - is the 2020 world champion

Financing. International Carbon Market - can become the main source of funding

  • Development of a national strategy for involving and attracting funding from the Carbon market

o Ideally, we should form a national carbon sequestration certification mechanism - integrated and recognized by international systems, but with increased autonomy and operational capacity.

o Carbon is intended to become the second international currency, at least in the markets of the West, and recent forest plantations have the highest value

  • Other carbon capture methods must be included in carbon projects - organic farming, no-till, permaculture ...
  • In addition to the EU and the West, consideration should be given to stepping up dialogue with Arab and oil-producing countries with a view to financial involvement in forest plantations with a view to jointly obtaining carbon credits.
  • Opening the internal market for forest plantations and direct investments by International Corporations. The vast majority of them have publicly assumed obligations to become climate-neutral, so they need to invest directly in New Forests.

o It is the responsibility of the Country Leadership to create and promote a transparent and friendly framework for green investments!

o And we are ready to help!

  • In the context of climate change, Moldova must aim to become a regional leader in the market for propagating material - we have all the conditions for this

o Especially since the domain is one with an increased margin

o We already have examples

o It is a separate topic of discussion ...

All proposals submitted and programs developed must also include the involvement of the districts on the left bank of the Dniester:

  • Green projects are a good platform for dialogue and collaboration
  • Sooner or later they will become part of Moldova and it would be good to have already formed forests and restored forest strips
  • At the same time, the left must not be able to issue carbon sequestration certificates on its own - only through the National Authority!

In general, the intention of the National Afforestation Campaign, according to the members of the ARBORETUM community, must be transformed into a National Greening Strategy, connected with practically all Public Policies: Agriculture, Education, Sustainable Regional Management, Economic Development, Public Health, Ecology... This Strategy should be provided with the necessary resources from the State Budget and from the Attracted Funds. The goal should be an ambitious one - at least 200,000 ha of forests planted in 10 years, keeping the existing ones!

And, for those who have read this far, here are the opportunities for support and support:

  • Volunteer in a Personal and Corporate format - with professional involvement and expertise
  • Donate / Provide free materials and equipment
  • Financial support - by bank transfer, or Patreon
  • Redirects 2% of income tax annually
  • Purchase seedlings and seeds from our platform. Grow and plant around you
  • Directly sponsors the growth of a game of seedlings with Protected Root
  • Initiates a Corporate Forest within the company in which you operate