More than 100 new trees were planted at the National Botanical Garden of Moldova [VIDEO]

More than 100 new trees were planted at the National Botanical Garden of Moldova [VIDEO]

Today at the Botanical Garden of Chisinau was held the event ”Autumn Claca”. Dozens of volunteers came to support the Institution in a new plantation, held on the site of a collection of conifers devastated by pests that are rapidly multiplying due to climate change.


In total, over 100 seedlings were planted, which constituted 3 new groups in our common garden collection:

1. Caucazian Fir (Abies Normandiniana)
2. European goddess (Larix Decidua)
3. Ginkgo Biloba

One of the participants tells us the following:"Under the guidance of the collaborators Gradina Botanica Institut we learned how to properly plant the trees, interesting curiosities about the species we worked with, we connected new friends and build collaborative relationships!"

"From now on, every visit to the Garden, we will make our way through this area, to greet the trees planted by us" said another volunteer of the event.

"Today, the National Botanical Garden goes through quite complicated times: underfunding, acute shortage of staff and labor force... Each aid is felt to be extremely valuable and used with maximum efficiency. This year, our project, has established a partnership with the Botanical Garden, within which we are pleased to contribute as well as we can to the regeneration of the collections”, pointed out Andrei Bîtca, executive director of ARBORETUM.LIVE, co-organizer of the event together with Million Trees Moldova

The event was also supported by Dulcinella and 


Note: ”Claca” is an old Moldavian tradition, which involves gathering a community to jointly perform some important works for the whole community or one specific family.