Dear friends, the best time for planting / replanting trees and shrubs is now! Although, trees with the Protected Root System can be planted practically all year round. What people say: "If it is a wish!"

Apart from the fact that the Republic of Moldova is the most deforested country in Europe, our project still contributes to solving another significant risk of nowadays. The problem - the mass disappearance of the bees and other polenisators!

Many illustrious people, foresaw the situation today and preempted about it:

«If the bees disappear from the earth, humanity will survive no more than four years»
Albert Einstain

Эйнштейн о Пчёлах


«The day will come, when various plants, vegetables, animals will disappear from the face of the earth ... First of all, onion, garlic, pepper. Then the turn of the bees»
Vanga (the famous clairvoyant in Bulgaria)

Vanga despre Albini

Photo (KP.ru)

Today, the phenomenon of the disappearance of bees and pollinating insects has become truly global. We are on the verge of an extremely dangerous ecological catastrophe!

In collaboration with the National Botanical Garden, the Dendrariul from the town of Chisinau and other valuable partners, we developed and implemented the ”MELIFEROUS CONVEYER”. This program allows beekeepers to build their own honey base, closing the calendar gaps, reducing the number of trips and, over time, completely excluding the possibility of poisoning bees with pesticides - which are today the biggest risk factor.

Because as long as the bees have what they collect "under their nose", they will not even see the sprinkled chains from the neighboring hill.

Currently, the program includes over 20 species and myrtle shrubs, including Euodia Danielli (Tetradium), Sophora Japonica, Fellodendron Amurense, Caraganaas well as other honey and pollen suppliers http://bit.ly/honey-trees-arboretum

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The Mieliferic Conveyer program allows the creation of true oases of safety and prosperity for bees for many decades ahead!

There is the possibility of small shipments of seedlings to Ukraine, Russia, countries of Europe. Thanks to the Protected Root System, the seedlings can withstand transport for up to several days!

If you have relatives or beekeeping friends, the best gift you can do for them - give them a few offspring of different honey species. Or at least send them the link to this article!

Beekeepers benefit from significant discounts from list prices http://bit.ly/honey-trees-arboretum 

At the initiative and in collaboration with several more inspired mayors, we develop projects and provide seedlings for the Mieliferic Conveyor planted on a local scale!

More details about this and other practical concepts, applicable to the forest revitalization process, will be presented at the Conference of Local Forest Initiatives. We invite you to come - it will be something really interesting, useful and applicable!

We invite you to place us in Bookmarks, to do SHARE ... to plant trees! Only with joint effort can we make our localities again friendly to bees and insects for many generations ahead!

Dear Friends, of course we are aware that our powers are far too small in relation to the size of the problems addressed! If we found you interested in supporting us, or joining our movement, you can do it any time you want!

If you are an organization interested in a partnership, we invite you to write to us at avs (at) arboretum.live or directly in Messenger.