Developming Measures to Subsidize Nurseries and Forestry Plantations

Developming Measures to Subsidize Nurseries and Forestry Plantations

Based on the ARBORETUM.LIVE approach, an intersectoral dialogue was started to facilitate the subsidization of forest plantations and private nurseries through the mechanisms of AIPA and the Ministry of Agriculture. Even if the implementation of the National Forest Extension and Rehabilitation Program #PNERP is declared a national priority, at the moment, the other policies of the state, unfortunately, are still not harmonized to this major goal and the challenge of the decade.

First results:
- We agreed to initiate the process of developing the pricing methodology for containerized planting material.
○ Once approved, this methodology will create favorable conditions for the involvement of the private sector in the increase of districted, qualitative and diversified forest planting material, but also in full compliance with #PNERP requirements

- I learned that major changes are being prepared to the Regulation on the Application of Subsidies, according to which AIPA operates. We will come up with concrete proposals in the Spring, after announcing the public consultations

- Just today, the Program for the Promotion of the Green and Circular Economy was opened for public consultations, in which some windows can still be opened...

- We decided to have separate consultations on account of a cartographic information system for the real-time monitoring of the forest fund and the plantings made with the help of satellite data and drones #GFWMoldova

The discussion was chaired by Ms. Aliona Rusnac, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture, ICAS, MoldSilva, colleagues from environmental NGOs also participated. We agreed to keep in touch for new initiatives and ideas. Relevant Ministries and Government Agencies have confirmed their openness for a constructive dialogue and the desire to collaborate with the associative sector on the subject of harmonizing state policies with #PNERP goals.
If you have any ideas, you can submit them directly when the public consultations open, or submit them through us and colleagues in environmental NGOs.