A New Ecological Program in Nisporeni. Partnership with Vărzărești City Hall.

A New Ecological Program in Nisporeni. Partnership with Vărzărești City Hall.

More important than a forest planting, can be only a water protection plantation. In our case, we are rehabilitating a forest at the source of a river! This year, in partnership with the municipalities of Vărzărești and Iurceni, we are starting a complex project to rehabilitate the springs and the Lăpușnița river basin. 

We are planting a future Mixed Forest, with Added Value! Finally, here you will grow different species of Walnuts, Oaks, Fruits and Apple trees, but also multiple multi-annual honey plants ... And, in a 7-10 year perspective, a few species of mushrooms and, possibly - even truffles! Because, in the forests of the neighborhood, they are found. To those interested, we will tell you more details about our plan during the event ... 

In the first stage, in order to improve the conditions of the massif, we start with the pioneer trees and nitrogen fixers. These species are easily caught, practically on any field, improve the quality of the soil, enriching it with nitrogen and create better conditions, for the following species, more demanding. In this edition, you will plant white and pink acacia seedlings, crayfish, salsa, soap tree (Kentucky Gimnokladus), Canadian Cercis, Catina, Spartium, Hibiscus ... 

... we invite all those who wish to join. They offer you buns, boilers and gloves and biscuits. On the spot awaits us with an extraordinary view and an indescribable energy! In case there will be more wishers in Chisinau - you organize and transport. 

We urge you to invite your friends and share the event, but confirm your participation, only if it is firm! For us it is important to be able to forecast the logistics. 

The project is carried out in partnership with AO "EcoStrategii" and the municipalities of Vărzărești and Iurceni municipalities, within the program of Small Grants (SGP) "Active citizens for environmental protection", managed by EcoContact, with the financial support of the Government of Sweden, based on the agreement signed with Swedish International Development Agency - Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau.