Chyorna-Chernitsa - new working basin for Arboretum

Chyorna-Chernitsa - new working basin for Arboretum

After more than four months of dialogue and negotiations, today we completed the process of signing a Memorandum of Intentions with profile institutions on the left bank of the Dniester and the administration of Grigoriopol district.

Our goal here is to launch a long-term reforestation program and environmental education projects under the ARBORETUM.LIVE label 

In order to focus our efforts and achieve the ecosystem effect as quickly as possible, for a start, we decided to focus on the Ciorna and Cernița small river basins. This basin is located almost entirely on the territory of Grigoriopol district. In the future, the experience gained can be replicated in other districts of the region.

During the signing of the Memorandum, we held productive working meetings with:
- Regional Deputy Minister of Agriculture - Oleg Diligul and the beautiful representatives of the team of the ministerial department, responsible for forests and hunting districts
- Director of the Research Institute for Ecology and Natural Resources - Alexander Ryazanov
- Director of the Agricultural Research Institute - Sergey Sekrier and representatives of the Institute's scientific council
- Governor of Grigoriopol district - Oleg Gabuja
- as well as representatives of the Association of Beekeepers on the left bank of the Dniester, the charming and hardworking Natalia Porkhun and her husband Mikhail.

Taking into account the fact that in the region a comprehensive program is formed to promote beekeeping development, in reforestation projects we aim to focus on honey crops from different flowering periods Linden, Acacia, Paulownia, Evodia, Sophora and others.

Given the existence of the Transnistrian dispute, ecological projects become a very suitable platform for collaboration at the local level for the joint improvement of the ecosystem in which we all live.

On the way, we managed to make a stop at the Botanical Garden in Tiraspol (where the Tulip Tree now blooms) and we visited one of the first Paulownia plantations in Moldova, which is located in the village. Parkani

We greatly appreciate the support, interest and solid assistance in promoting the environmental projects of the Coordination Council for the distribution of humanitarian and technical assistance and personally its head, Evgeny Burmistrov, who did a lot to start this program!

После четырёх месяцев переговоров и согласований, сегодня мы завершили процесс подписания Меморандума о Намерениях с...

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The basins of the two small, dry rivers Chorna and Chernitsa merge in the center of the city of Grigoriopol. Their pool is almost completely located in the Grigoriopol region and has a total area of ​​about 450 sqm. km. According to our estimates, afforestation adtionally 10% of the total basin area, over time, can improve the hydrological balance and return water to the channels of these afluents of the Dniester.

The Grigoriopol region is under the de facto control and administration of the unrecognized Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika. About 15% of the basin belongs to the communes of Dorotskaya and Coshnitsa, under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova. Full-scale environmental projects can become a platform for interaction and cooperation of the parties in order to mitigate contradictions and improve the common Habitat for all.

Ciorna Basin