Our first presentation at Taraclia

Our first presentation at Taraclia

The south of Moldova has historically suffered from a small number of forests. This strongly affects both the conditions for agriculture, but especially the quantity and quality of water resources and, in the future, along the chain, all aspects of citizens' lives.

During the event of 10 july 2020, we talked about the ecosystem importance of the Forest and how the local Forest Restoration and Forest Amelioration program can dramatically improve the ecological situation on the scale of a single settlement, region and region as a whole, help improve the living conditions of the population, create new economic chains and jobs.

Key points of the speech:
- The situation with forests in the world and in Moldova in particular
- High Value Forests
- Identification of local resources
- Models of involving various players and social groups in the processes of forest restoration
- Attracting direct financing to local forest restoration projects (including international grants)
- Local Nursery and Forest Restoration - as generators of new jobs and environmental entrepreneurship
- Environmental education of youth and other social groups
- Risks: what will happen with further deforestation amid climate change ...

By agreement with the host, everyone had access to the event!
What is happening here today is forecasted in the center and in the north of Moldova in 30-50 years! It’s not too late to start planting Forest on degraded soils, the share of which, according to our estimates, ranges from 10% to 50% in EVERY settlement! If you have an active social position and are ready to take responsibility for your Homeland in the literal sense of the word, protect your Earth, your village, region, region and become a driver of forest restoration, we are ready to help identify the first resources to start and launch New Social Dynamics in your region!

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Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin once said a phrase:

We don't need to wait for alms from nature, we need to act too!