Mountain Pine

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Pinus Mugo

Mountain Pine is a creeping shrub, semi-shrub or short tree from the conifer family. An unpretentious, drought-resistant breed that has a good ability to hold slopes and survive on the poorest, stony soils. It is widely used in forest plantations, urban landscaping and private gardens.

It is also called Zherep, European or Creeping Pine (lat.Pinus Mugo). The natural range of this breed is the Alpine region or other European mountains, where it grows at altitudes from 1300 to 2500 above sea level.

Due to the exceptional properties of its root system, capable of adapting to the conditions where the seed found itself, this species is able to grow and reproduce on its own where nothing else from the tree is capable of! The Gornaya Pine plays an especially important role in protection from avalanches and strengthening of steep mountain slopes. Its flexible wood holds large amounts of snow well. Therefore, despite the fact that this species is not subject to risks and is not included in the lists of endangered ones, in most countries of the world where Mountain Pine is widespread, the law prohibits cutting it out of its natural habitats.

Practical use is known in the form of extracts and broths in folk medicine, which have anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulating action. Preparations from Sosna Stlannikova help well with osteochondrosis and osteoporosis. Bees also like to collect essential oils, pollen and resins of Mountain Pine, using them in wax, propolis and pollen for early strengthening of bee families.

The flexible and resilient wood of Sherpa has red veins in the core and is especially indicated for making bent wood products and handicrafts.

Pine Stennikovaya is extremely common in decorative gardening. Its many forms and varieties cover the entire palette from normal and large-growing to super-dwarf. The skull takes vaccinations well and is an excellent stock. In urban greening, it is distinguished by unpretentiousness and high decorativeness, it tolerates gas pollution and cleans the air from toxins, absorbing their large concentrations. It can even be planted along motorways and on median lanes. Prefers a sunny location, although withstands decent shade. Frost resistance zone 4.


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