Hibiscus Syrian (Garden)

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Syrian Hibiscus (Garden) - a beautiful and long-flowering shrub or low tree. Widely distributed in the northern hemisphere.

Used in landscaping and landscape design. It tolerates the urban environment and haircut. Often used for hedges. In our latitude (Chisinau) blooms for a long time in July-August. It is a moderate honey plant. There are forms with a filled flower.

In Nature, the family of Malvaceae has more than 300 species, with distribution in Central Asia and China, subtropical and tropical regions of the Old and New Worlds. Hibiscus Syriac is a close relative of Chinese Hibiscus (in the people of China Rose). It is widely cultivated in Europe, North America, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Hibiscus Garden is appreciated for its unpretentiousness and high decorative properties, as well as long flowering. Breeders have developed the widest palette of color shades and combined colors. It tolerates a haircut, which allows it to be used for hedges.

Hibiscus is a moderate honey plant. Its flowers give a little nectar and more pollen, but it blooms for a very long time from mid or early July to late August, sometimes September.

On our website you can buy seedlings of Hibiscus of Syrian age and various color shades. All seedlings with Protected Root System.

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