Seeds of Euodia-Daniellii (Tetradium)

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On our site you can also purchase seeds of Euodia Danielli. Seeds have excellent germination (more than 90%), are zoned in Moldova (collected from mature trees that have long grown and bear fruit in the specified area). Given climate change, the reasons for which can be argued, but impossible not to notice, Euodia will grow well and bloom in much more northern latitudes. After the first two to three years of care, the tree shows decent winter hardiness and endurance. Well, but in terms of honey availability and the quality of honey - it has no equal! Frost resistance zone 5-9 USDA.

From the seeds, with your own hands, it is easy to grow the required number of seedlings. Step-by-step instructions are included. The price is for 100 pieces of seeds. Additionally paid for delivery by mail or land transport (preferred).

Euodia Daniellii, Tetradium Daniellii, Bee Tree, Korean Euodia, Honey Tree (Hupehensis) 


A genus of woody plants of the Rutaceae family, whose homeland is the Far East, in particular China and the Korean Peninsula.

A small tree of the second tier, depending on the growing conditions, reaches 15-20 meters in height.


A very powerful honey plant that blooms in late summer and is therefore even more valuable because blooms, just in a period in which there are no other flowering trees. Euodia honey is very similar to Robinia Pseudoacatia, although it has a stronger flavor.  

There are no equals of Euodia in honey bearing! According to calculations, it surpasses both Tillia and Acacia, especially since in the southern regions it happens, it gives repeated flowering in October!


She loves the sun and is not very whimsical to the soil, but prefers good moisture and drainage. Can withstand penumbra, which affects productivity. Young trees require shelter from frost, but become stronger over time. 

Дерево посаженное в 1920г. в Шотландии

Euodia refers to fast-growing trees. In addition, Euodia has pronounced decorative properties and resistance to gas contamination of cities. For which it is often used in landscaping. The decorativeness of Euodia is expressed through the glossiness of the leaves, beautiful long flowering and bright coloring of seed boxes. 




A large number of birds feed on ripened seeds, due to which, in Nature, the seeds spread.

On our website you can purchase zoned seedlings of Euodia Danielli, of different ages with a Protected Root System; as well as seeds.


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